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Adobe Premiere - Optimize Stills

Author: Posting Staff Reference Number: AA-01184 Views: 12162 Created: 2016-11-22 07:47 Last Updated: 2017-02-03 08:02 0 Rating/ Voters

Below is info using an Export Setting in Adobe Premiere Pro when selecting, “Optimize Stills” in the Video tab in Advanced Settings:

In the Export window, Adobe Premiere has a setting called, “Optimize Stills”. The benefit of this is to use still images efficiently in exported video files. For example, if a still image has a duration of 2 seconds in a project set to 30 fps, Adobe Premiere Pro creates one 2‑second frame instead of 60 frames at 1/30 of a second each. This can save disk space for sequences and clips containing still images. However, this can cause playback issues and variable frame rates causing audio video sync issues. Uncheck this option if you are experiencing any playback issues.

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