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Aberlingo Low Res Video Specifications

Author: Posting Staff Reference Number: AA-01172 Views: 8492 Created: 2016-10-04 15:29 Last Updated: 2016-10-04 16:30 0 Rating/ Voters

The following specs are ideal for all Multi-language translation & subtitling workflows. 

VIDEO SIZE: You can use actual video size or scale down per the following: for 720x480 use 320x240, for 1920x1080 and 1280x720 use 640x360

VIDEO FORMAT: Windows Media Player or QT

FRAME RATE: match source video/output video – this is critical in many cases (call to discuss)

AUDIO FORMAT: 44 kHz, Mono

TOTAL BIT RATE: minimum 1000 Kbps 

FILE SIZE FOR 30 MIN VIDEO: preferably no more than 1GB

QUALITY: Must be able to clearly hear spoken word and read graphics on screen. Please adjust above settings as necessary for your video.

For Voice over/dubbing projects, please also include the following:

TIME CODE: Window burn in upper 1/3 of video or around graphics

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