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Guidelines for Subtitlers

Author: Posting Staff Reference Number: AA-00858 Views: 7341 Created: 2014-09-22 09:41 Last Updated: 2017-08-25 09:49 0 Rating/ Voters


Please follow the guidelines below when creating subtitles for Aberdeen:

1.     Minimum subtitle duration should be 1 second 10 frames.

2.     Maximum subtitle duration should be 6 seconds

3.     Maximum words per minute per subtitle should be 300 WPM

4.     Multiple speakers: If there is a conversation between different speakers and their spoken lines are short, you can put them in the same subtitle, differentiating them with hyphens. This makes it easier to keep the minimum subtitle duration of 1:10. Example:

– Hi, how are you?
– Hey, I’m doing great!

5.     Subtitles running over a scene change (fading to black) – Please avoid subtitles running over a scene change when the scene ends by fading to black. If you need to make the duration of the last subtitle shorter than 1:10, then that is okay. You can also try to combine the last 2 subtitles if they are really short. We typically do this to avoid going over a scene change. If they are from different speakers, you can use hyphens to differentiate between them. If you can make the duration of the last subtitle 1:10 then that’s great, if not, 1 second is acceptable.

6.     Please do not start a sentence in the same subtitle where another sentence ended. Always start a new sentence in a new cell. Examples:




7.     Please break up subtitles that are too long to be in one line. Please see the examples below for examples on how and how not to do this.


Incorrect (Make sure your subtitles do not look like the subtitles below):

8.     Do not exceed 42 characters. This is the maximum number of characters per line. 

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