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Vendors Payment Agreement and Instructions - Bank Wire

Author: Posting Staff Reference Number: AA-00637 Views: 17043 Created: 2013-07-25 11:50 Last Updated: 2017-02-16 14:03 0 Rating/ Voters

In order for us to process payment without delay, please download the attachments below, fill them out and email to It's very important that we receive the documents within 3 days from the time we email you this link.

*Please note:

1)  W9 is needed if you are being paid to a US bank no matter where your residence. 

2)  W8BEN is only needed if you are completing work on US soil and do not have a social security or tax ID number. 

3)  No W9 or W8BEN is needed if you are doing work outside of the US and being paid to an account out of the US.

Form of Payment - International Bank Wire.docx 0.1 Mb Download File
ML Payment Schedule Agreement - Bank Wire.docx 18.7 Kb Download File
W-8BEN.pdf 91 Kb Download File
W-9.pdf 0.1 Mb Download File
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