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Client QC Of Captions

Author: Reference Number: AA-00383 Views: 5033 Created: 2012-03-07 09:06 Last Updated: 2015-03-26 08:57 0 Rating/ Voters

Dear client:

Please download your proof Word doc from the e-mail we just sent you via our file transfer system and confirm all viewable. We have also included a reference document for your style of captioning so you can reference it for any questions you have about why we may have captioned a specific section in a certain way.

If any corrections to the captions are needed, you will indicate those changes in the Word file that we sent. Please use the Track Changes tool in Word. We will not accept corrections to us in any other way, so please let us know if you need instructions on how to use that tool.

Aberdeen follows specific caption guidelines in regards to caption placement and transcription rules for captions. Some corrections you may be inclined to make may actually go against these tried and tested guidelines (by the deaf and hard of hearing community), so for this reason we do not accept preference changes free of charge (unless specified in your  accepted quote), but rather only changes when an error in captioning has occurred. An error may be a wrong word, a missing word, or a misspelled word. Sometimes we could have heard what was said incorrectly and therefore the caption needs to be corrected. 

Preference changes are things like, but not limited to:

- Changing the way we caption numbers (this is different than standard English grammar rules as we caption in numeric form if it is a form of measurement even if the number is below 10).

- Capitalization rules that follow a different style guide other than the Chicago Manual of Style (this is what Aberdeen follows for capitalization)

- Spellings that do not follow Merriam Webster Online Dictionary (this is what Aberdeen follows for spelling)

- Placement for pop-on captioning that does not follow captioning placement rules for the deaf and hard of hearing. Please see the reference document we sent you.

If preference changes are still desired after reviewing our guidelines for captioning, we will happily make than for an additional fee of $100 per hour billed in 15 min increments of extra time we spending making those changes.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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